Quick Answer: Can I Post On Facebook Marketplace Without My Friends Seeing?

How do I make my Facebook Marketplace private?

go to “General / Privacy”, in the “Private marketplace” section, check the “Make marketplace private (users must log in to browse listings and user profiles)” box, save settings..

What does the red dot on Facebook Marketplace mean?

Facebook is full of red dots that appear over various parts of the app whenever something new is posted. For most people, these dots appear in random places in which the user has little interest, resulting in either a pile-up of notifications or the brief annoyance of having to tap to make them go away.

Does Facebook marketplace have bots?

Chatbots on Facebook Marketplace may soon be able to “negotiate” with you over the price of items for sale. And if new research released by Facebook this week is any indication, you probably won’t know you’re talking to a bot and not a human being.

Why can’t I see my marketplace messages?

You can see conversations with buyers and sellers on Messenger. Note: If you can’t find your conversation on Messenger, your item may have been marked as sold, which archives the conversation. To find the conversation, search for the person’s name or the listing title. Learn what to do if you can’t access Marketplace.

Can you post on Facebook without friends seeing?

It’s easy to hide a post from certain people as well as showing a post to only certain people. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. Click the “Friends” button to the left of the “Post” button and then click “More Options.”

Does Facebook Marketplace show up on your timeline?

No, Marketplace posts, in general, do not post to your timeline. However, if you simultaneously post it to any of the buy and sell groups, or online yard sales, or any group really, this post may appear on your timeline. If you post it strictly to the Marketplace however, it will not.

How do I stop marketplace from news feed?

How do I stop marketplace from news feed?From facebook.com, click in the top right.Click Settings from the drop down menu.Click Notifications in the left side menu.Click On Facebook.Scroll down to Marketplace and click Edit.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not available to me?

You may not have Facebook Marketplace for a number of reasons – if, for example, it isn’t available in your region, you don’t meet the age requirements, or you recently joined Facebook.

How do I make my marketplace messages private?

How to set the Facebook Marketplace PrivacyLog in as an ‘Administrator.Open the “Admin Panel” link.Get to the “Settings” link.From the menu, select the “Access Preferences” section,Next, check the “Allow only registered users to see all the listing and also users profiles (make Marketplace private)” box.

Can I see who viewed my Facebook marketplace?

If someone is interested in your listing, they can message you through Facebook to ask questions or make you an offer. Just click on “selling” to see how many people have viewed your listing(s), or to read any messages you’ve received from potential buyers.

Where are Facebook Marketplace settings?

You can only turn following on or off from the Facebook for iPhone or Android app….To turn your Marketplace notifications on or off:Go to Settings > Notifications.Click Notifications.Click Marketplace.Click On or Off next to a notification type.

Are there rules for selling on Facebook marketplace?

You must sell a physical item. Anything that isn’t a physical product for sale cannot be sold. For example: “in search of” posts.