Question: What Frequency Is Classic FM?

Can you listen to DAB radio online?

DAB radios don’t usually support “listen again” – it’s usually provided by an app or by running a radio player in a web browser.

It should be a feature of internet radios, which generally support DAB, FM and internet streaming.

Alternatively, you could use a Bluetooth connection if your radio has Bluetooth..

What frequency is smooth FM?

smoothfmFrequency95.3 MHz in Sydney & 91.5 MHz in Melbourne (Full List)BrandingSmooth 95.3 & Smooth 91.5 Smooth Digital (Bris, Adl, Per)SloganYour new feel good stationProgrammingLanguage(s)English13 more rows

What frequency is Classic Gold Radio?

Gold will continue on four frequencies – London on 1548 AM, Manchester on 1458 AM, Derby on 945 and Nottingham on 999 AM. Smooth Radio is already available on FM in these areas.

Can I listen again to Classic FM?

If you’re on desktop, you can catch up on every Classic FM show up to seven days after broadcast here. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can access all the programmes from the last seven days in the ‘Schedule + Catch Up’ section of the Classic FM app, or in Classic FM on the Global Player app.

How do I listen to Smooth FM?

You can listen to smoothfm 95.3 online, for free right here in our radio player. Just select podcast or live radio at the top of every page here at and hit the play button to listen – simple! The good news is you can even navigate across the site while listening to the radio and it won’t stop.

Can I Get Smooth Radio on FM?

Smooth Radio on FM or AM. Smooth Radio on mobile app.

Does Classic FM play all night?

Whether you’re working late, a natural night owl or consider yourself to be an early riser, you can join Sam Pittis for the perfect mix of Classic FM favourites to keep you company through the night, Monday-Thursday from 1-6am.

What are the frequencies of FM radio?

The frequency band for FM radio is about 88 to 108 MHz. The information signal is music and voice which falls in the audio spectrum. The full audio spectrum ranges form 20 to 20,000 Hz, but FM radio limits the upper modulating frequency to 15 kHz (cf.

What frequency is digital radio?

206.352 MHzThe ABC and SBS operate digital broadcast radio services in all current DAB+ broadcasting markets on frequency block 9C (206.352 MHz). While most services are national, the ABC provides local ABC Local Radio stations for their respective locations.

How do I tune to Classic FM?

How can I listen to Classic FM?On an FM Radio : Our frequency is 100 to 102 on FM.On TV and satellite : You will find us on Freeview Channel 731, Sky Digital channel 0106 and Virgin TV channel 877.On Digital Radio.On the Classic FM app : You can download the app for iOS and Android.More items…

Why is Classic FM not working?

The firewall software installed on your computer may lead you to experience some difficulties loading our player properly. Please check your security settings and make sure that Classic FM is a ‘trusted’ site. Pop-up blockers. It is also worth checking that your Pop-up Blockers are turned off.

Who are the presenters on Classic FM?

Classic FM PresentersAlexander Armstrong.Alan Titchmarsh.Anne-Marie Minhall.Bill Turnbull.Sir Trevor McDonald.Charlotte Hawkins.Myleene Klass.Aled Jones.More items…

What no is Classic FM?

Freeview: Classic FM is now available as a free-to-air channel with Freeview. You will find us on Channel 731. Sky: Classic FM is available as a free-to-air channel with any package on Sky digital satellite television Channel number 0106. … You will find us on Channel 721.

Can you play Smooth FM?

You can listen to Smooth Radio online, for free, 24/7 via Global Player, so if you’re online, why not have Smooth Radio in the background?

Why can’t I get gold on my radio?

Gold is now broadcast using DAB+ instead of DAB. If your digital radio doesn’t receive DAB+ stations you won’t be able to listen to Gold. You may find that the radio doesn’t find the station at all, or when you select the station there is only silence.

What is Classic FM radio?

Classic FM is the only UK FM radio station to broadcast 100% classical music. Find the frequency to listen to us on FM radio in your area right here… • London 100.6 & 100.9 FM. Scotland.

Does gold have a frequency?

Gold has an NMR frequency of 1.754MHz relative to hydrogen @ 100MHz, which establishes the test magnetic field at about 2.35T.

How do I contact Classic FM?

If you prefer to speak to us – the team are here to help on 0333 200 2000, or you can contact them via Twitter and Instagram on @GlobalSupport.

Is Classic FM on DAB radio?

Other ways to listen to Classic FM: Classic FM online. Classic FM on DAB Radio.

Whats playing now Classic FM?

Today’s ScheduleListen Live. Classic FM Drive with John Brunning. … Smooth Classics at Seven with John Brunning. 7pm – 8pm.The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet. 8pm – 10pm.Smooth Classics with Margherita Taylor. 10pm – 1am.Katie Breathwick. 1am – 4am.Sam Pittis. 4am – 7am.Alan Titchmarsh. 7am – 10am.Bill Turnbull. 10am – 1pm.More items…