How Many Years Does It Take To Study Mass Communication?

Is maths compulsory for mass communication?

Please note– If Mathematics is not listed among the Jamb subject on this post, then Mathematics is not compulsory for this course.

JAMB UTME subject combination to study Mass Communication must include: Literature In English.

Any two Arts and Social Science subjects..

Is mass media a good career?

Yes, mass communication is a good career option which gives you a various career option like Radio, PR, Journalism, Film making and many more. … But if a piece of certain information is needed to be reached out to a large part of people at a time, then it is called Mass Communication.

Where can I work if I study mass communication?

There are various job profiles available for Mass Communication professionals such as Journalist, Reporters, Fashion Photographer, News Broadcaster, Film Director, Radio Jockey, Editor, Sub-Editor, Public Relations Officer, Critic, Columnist, Freelancer, Advertising Sales Agent, Web Editor, Media Consultant, etc.

Is mass communication easy?

Mass Communications is really easy, anyone with brains could do it. … You need to understand how people think, why they think a certain way – you need to know how to appeal to the mass public, and because of that you need to learn about certain theories of communication.

What can I study without maths?

Here is a list of distance learning courses you can study without maths:Bookkeeping and Accounting Studies.Forensics and Investigations.Policing, Forensics and Investigation Studies.Office Administration and Secretarial Studies.Business Management Studies.Beauty Therapy Studies.Occupational Health and Safety Studies.More items…•

How can I get job after mass communication?

Shiksha lists a few job options you can take up after pursuing your Master’s In Journalism and Mass Communication….Digital Marketing.Radio Jockey (RJ)TV CorrespondentProducerScreenwriterSound EngineerSound Mixer and Sound RecordistVideo Jockey (VJ)Art DirectorContent EditorEvent Manager5 more rows•Sep 24, 2020

Which subject is best for mass communication?

Mass Communication Streams & Fields | Advertising, JournalismAdvertising.Journalism – Print, TV, Radio.Public Relations.Publishing.Film-making – direction and production.

Is there any entrance exam for mass communication?

Indian Institute of Mass Communication conducts the IIMC entrance exam, for admission in education, training and research in the field of journalism and mass communication. It is a national level entrance exam which is organized annually by the IIMC. It holds one of the top examinations in India.

What is the syllabus of mass communication?

Mass Communication & MediaBJMC Course CurriculumWriting for MediaIntroduction to Journalism (Reporting, Writing & Editing)Indian CultureSocio-Economic & Political ScenarioBasics of Design & GraphicsHistory of Print & Broadcasting in IndiaPrint JournalismMedia Laws & Ethics23 more rows

Why do I choose to study mass communication?

Here are some great reasons why you should study mass communication: this degree offers many career options when you graduate. you can work in many different fields. … studying communication gives you important personal insights into the world that can broaden your horizons and concepts of the world.

Which country is best for mass communication?

Top Countries to Study Communications AbroadEngland. Let your communications studies take you to England! … Italy. Study communications abroad in Italy, and prepare to be amazed. … Spain. Communication majors LOVE studying abroad in Spain. … France. … Ireland. … Outside of Europe.

Which course can I study without government?

Courses that you can study without Government as an Art studentAccounting.Banking and Finance.Business Administration.Business Management.Cooperative and Rural Development.Demography and Social Statistics.Geography.Industrial Relations.More items…•

Which is the best institute for mass communication in India?

Top Mass Communication Colleges in India: Outlook RankingName of the CollegeRanking 2019Ranking 2018AJ Kidwai MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi11Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai23University of Hyderabad34Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC), Pune426 more rows

Which profession has the highest salary?

Anesthesiologists are the top-paid workers in the U.S. and make a mean salary of $267,020 per year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compiled by U.S. News. Surgeons and oral surgeons round out the top three jobs with the highest earning power, and jobs in health care take the top 10 spots overall.

Does Mass Communication pay well?

And it is here that mass-communication, as a stream of study, and as a career, becomes so important and enviable. … Careers in Mass Communication are not only high paying but also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.

Is mass communication a good course in Nigeria?

If the truth must be told, Mass Communication is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria of today. It has both national and international recognition and this makes it application diverse both on local and foreign fronts. There are so many places where you can apply your skill as a Mass Communication graduate.

What does Cyber Security pay?

According to LinkedIn’s data, salaries for cyber security professionals range from $65,000 to $130,000 per year, with a median salary of $92,000 annually.

What will I become if I study mass communication?

Careers in Media and Mass Communication A master’s degree in mass communication can lead to a diverse selection of career opportunities, in fields such as advertising and marketing, journalism, healthcare, public relations, social and digital media, nonprofit, consulting, financial services, government, and more.

What is the salary of mass communication?

Mass Communication SalaryAnnual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$101,000$8,41675th Percentile$73,000$6,083Average$59,088$4,92425th Percentile$36,500$3,041Oct 27, 2020

What are the six fields of communication?

Communication Studies: Communication FieldsIntercultural Communication.Interpersonal Communication.Nonverbal Communication.Organizational Communication.Persuasion & Social Influence.Rhetoric.Small Group Communication.Verbal Communication / Langauge.

How can I prepare for mass communication entrance exam?

Mass Communication Entrance Exam Prep TipsKeep yourself up to date.Develop a habit of reading.Enhance your comprehension and analytical skills.Polish your writing skills.Practice previous years’ papers.Do not ignore the interview round.Also Read:Top companies that hire mass communication graduates.

What is the cut off mark of mass communication?

65.70Regarding the Cut Off Mark for Mass Communication, which is the desired course or department in this case, the merit cut-off mark is currently 65.70. You can think of this as the required aggregate score for an aspiring candidate to get admitted into UNILAG to study Mass Communication based on merit.

What is mass communication course details?

The study of mass communication encompasses the academic study of various means of communication. … Successful completion of mass communication courses open a plethora of opportunities for students in various fields of advertising, journalism, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, internet and radio.

What is the future of mass communication?

Future of mass communication: Digital marketing and specific role of content marketing. The concept of mass communication came to be with the advent of the print media when newspapers become a part and parcel of life. It then spread to television as the technology became more and more commonplace.

Is mass communication hard to study?

A lot of the subjects in mass comm are subjective, which means it requires a lot of critical thinking. A plethora of mass comm assignments are open-ended, without definite yes or no answers — this makes it extremely hard to study for. … Each field of study comes with their own obstacles that students have to persevere.

Can I do mass communication after 12th?

If you are looking for a career in mass communication, then you must pass your class 12th with any discipline, but must be having excellent communication skills. After the completion of the class 12th you can go for the following courses: Diploma Courses (1 yr.) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (3 yr)