How Do You Say Yamaha In Japanese?

How do you say Tamiya?


How do you say Mazda in Japanese?

Mazda was founded by Jujiro Matsuda in 1920. As a result, it is no surprise that the Japanese pronunciation of Mazda is “Matsuda.” But, the name “Mazda” was inspired by the god of light and wisdom, Ahura Mazda.

How do you pronounce Kobe in Japanese?

5. Kobe Beef [ko-beh, not ko-bee]

Can Japanese say the letter L?

There’s a simple reason why Japanese people can’t pronounce R and L correctly. They don’t exist in Japanese. … The Japanese version of the ‘rrr’ type of sound, the ra ri ru re ro (ら り る れ ろ) row in the phonetic hiragana alphabet, is somewhere between R and L. So, ‘rice’ gets pronounced ‘lice’, ‘balloon’ as ‘baroon’, etc.