How Do I Reset My Roberts DAB Radio?

Why has my DAB radio Lost Channels?

If the sound begins to burble or cut out altogether or you have lost a radio station it is probably due to one of the following: the signal has weakened due to a network fault or there’s a problem with your equipment or installation..

How do I reset my Internet radio?

Master Reset on your Internet Radio (IR models) Unplug your radio from the power outlet. Press the large scroll / select button in and keep it pressed in. Plug the radio back into your power outlet while keeping the select button pressed in.More items…•

How long is Roberts Radio warranty?

24 months6.1 All goods supplied by us are warranted free from defects for the period stated on the product packaging (which in the case of most of our products is 24 months with exception of graded products which have a 12 month warranty ) from the date of purchase.

What stations are available on DAB radio?

The DAB stations currently broadcast on Digital One are:Absolute Radio.Absolute Radio 80s.BFBS Radio.Classic FM.LBC.Magic.Planet Rock.Premier Christian Radio.More items…•

Do you need a different aerial for DAB car radio?

Digital in-dash car radios have two separate aerial connections: one for DAB and one for analogue signals. Most replacement digital car stereos come with a stick-on aerial in the box which has adhesive to stick to the inside of the windscreen.

How do I know if my car radio is DAB?

The easiest way to know if your car has DAB radio is to see if it can pick up any of the following digital-only stations: BBC Radio 1Xtra.

How do I reset my Evoke Flow?

Instructions for resetting EVOKE Flow, Siesta Flow, Oasis Flow, ONE Flow, Contour or AVANTI Flow: Make sure your aerial is fully extended and vertical and press the Back button until you see the ‘Options’ button. Press and hold the ‘Options’ button for two or three seconds – and confirm the reset when prompted.

How do I reset my WIFI antenna?

With a few simple steps, you may be able to restore the antenna’s functionality.Close your Web browser and any programs using your Internet connection.Press “Fn-F3” on the laptop keyboard to disable the wireless antenna. … Press “Fn-F3” again to turn the antenna back on and reinitialize the hardware.

How do I connect my PURE radio to WIFI?

Now choose ‘Pure Connect or The Lounge’ as your source (This is dependent on your model radio) and your radio will start its first time search for all available wireless networks. After a short time you should see the name (SSID) of your network. Highlight and select your wireless network.

How do I reset my Roberts radio?

System resetPress and hold down the Info button for 2 seconds.Rotate the Tuning control until the display shows “Factory reset”, then press and release the Tuning control.If you wish to perform the reset operation, press and release the Tuning. control one more time. … After a system reset a scan of the DAB band will be performed.

Can Roberts radios be repaired?

A. Repairs are usually completed within 10 working days from when the radio is received at our repair centre.

Why can’t I get Planet Rock on my DAB radio?

You’ll need to retune your DAB digital radio to determine if you can receive the above stations. As the coverage area of the new bundle of stations will be smaller than the existing D1 commercial radio bundle, you may find you can no longer receive Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio.

How do I connect my Roberts Radio to WIFI?

How to connect to the internet.Press the Menu button and select Main Menu.Scroll to System Settings and find Network.Select the Network Wizard and find your Wi-Fi network.Enter your Wi-Fi network password and select Ok.